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                Our services include Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Suboxone Treatment & Counseling, Alcohol Disorders Treatment, General Pharmacotherapy, and Split-Therapy support for therapists. We are a private pay practice; however, we assist with submitting insurance claims.

              We emphasize treatment of PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Stress Reactions, Couples Issues, Adolescent Issues, and Substance Use Disorders (alcohol, sedatives, and opiates).

dAe-Health Services places special emphasis on utilizing psychotherapy (with medication augmentation as needed) to address emotional problems.


dAe-HS offers private drug and alcohol treatment services.

The services are provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist with additional Addictions Treatment Training thru The University of Pennsylvania and/or a Certified Addictions Counselor.

Patients are expected to engage in either verified addictions treatment group programming or verified AA/NA/CA self-help group attendance at a frequency comisserate with their treatment need. Drug screening is done randomly.